Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Fun With Pom Poms // Lets Make A Cactus...

Seriously! How much fun are pom-poms? It doesn't matter if you're five or eighty two it's something you can make and once you've mastered the basic pom-pom you'll be able to knock this bad boy up in no time.

You're going to need a few things...
  • One medium sized green pom-pom
  • One small sized pink pom-pom
  • One medium sized brown pom-pom
  • Scissors 
  • Glue (I highly recommend using a hot glue gun, much easier and less messy).
  • Cardboard egg container (to use one cup section as the cacti's little pot). 
  • Some Paint (I used gold spray paint).

Firstly cut and trim one egg cup section from the carton. Paint your egg cup container 'Pot' and leave it to dry. It should be dry by the time you have finished cutting your cactus into shape.

Make your three different pom-poms in the colours and sizes needed. (Make sure you leave the tied pom-pom strings through the centre of the pom-poms long, you'll need these to tie your pink and green pom-poms together). 

The trickiest part is now cutting your green pom-pom into the cactus shape, use my photo as your guide.

Cut the pink pom-pom into a small neat ball (leaving the two center ties long!).

Using the long centre ties on the green and pink pom-poms, tie your pink pom-pom in place (as in the photo). Make sure it is nice and tight. 

Take your brown pom-pom and cut it to size to fit snuggly into your egg container pot. Using your hot glue gun, place some glue in the base and on the inside walls of the egg cup and sit the pom-pom in place before the glue cools. Allow a little of it to pop up so it looks like dirt.

Now using your hot glue gun, glue the cactus pom-pom to the brown pom-pom. You will have to push down a little to make it stick. Allow good amount of time to dry well. 

That's it!! Tada... 'A Cactus Pom Pom'.

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  1. Oh these are just too cute Bec! Miss T would love these - might have to teach her the art of pom-pom making. I can also see our cat loving all the woolly fluffiness! Love your hot pink glue gun too :)

    1. Thanks hun. Oh I hope you do, she would love it. My little lady does. Lol yes cats and wool...lots of fun. xx

  2. Replies
    1. Agreed,I have to think of something equally cute to make next :) xx

  3. These are super cute Bec! My little miss has just learnt how to make Pom poms... She would love this! Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the ultimate rabbit hole. Xx

    1. Awesome hope she has fun making it. Thanks for having me :)

  4. Oh my gosh! These are too cute. I am off to check out what wool I have in the house to see if I can make them without even going to a shop.

    1. Oh thanks Karin! sweet send me a pic on FB love to see how you went :)

  5. What a super cute idea! Love it!! :) Maria-


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